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                         Week of March 17th 2014
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Longboard Surfing Video of the Week
With another snowstorm a few hours away, thought it would be nice to see a surf video in warm water and baggies, Spring is just a little over 2 months away!!
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We've been seeing more and more of our Longboard cousins checking in from all parts of the country and around the world. Click on the map and see where everybody is dropping in from. As always, we welcome our fellow Longboarders from around the country and around the world to join us in the Forums Section or send us some pics of the surf in your area, we'll put them up on the site!
The Longboard Collector Club was established in 1992 to promote the preservation of vintage surfboards and surf memorabilia.  It provided an avenue to buy, sell, and trade items.  Some of the members began surfing as early as the 1930’s, but most started in the 50’s and 60’s.  Next Longboard Collector's Club meet April 25th at The Beach Cottages meeting in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

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    If you are brand new to surfing, read Surfing Etiquette, print it and read multiple times. Nobody cares how good or bad you are, however they do care if you screw up there wave! Practice good etiquette' or better yet, take a Surfing lesson, it's a good investment. Make sure it's a school that teaches surf etiquette. For the Kids, The Rockaway Beach Surfing Academy is now doing week/half week and day long camps.  The New York Surf School has come out with a Learn How To Surf DVD Video. We highly recommend you give it a look if you are brand new to surfing. We viewed it and give it a big thumbs up.    
More well-known surfers/shapers/collectors to look for at Randy Rarick's Hawaiian Vintage Surf Auction July 17-18: Larry Bertleman, Greg Noll, Ben Aipa, collector Allen Kukel (has 1200 surf titles). http://www.hawaiian

           Music Video of the Week
The Big Man, Clarence Clemons......
Anybody with a good song suggestion, and what memory that song brings back , fire us an email. And all you young people born in the 80's and 90's, you're going to get introduced to a great archive of music.

Summer is coming!! I think everybody is really chomping at the bit for this season. It's great the amount of support Rockaway Beach has been getting from her mainland cousins in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the rest of the City! MORE AND MORE NEW PEOPLE IN THE WATER, PLEASE READ THE SURFING ETIQUETTE LINK BELOW, TAKE A LESSON WITH A COMPETENT SURF SCHOOL! WILL MAKE FOR A MORE FUN AND SAFER SURF EXPERIENCE
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The New York Surf School in Rockaway Beach now is running a Yoga and Surfing Day Retreat!! Check their site to get all the info.
The New York Surf School Will be running There Yoga/Surf Retreats on Saturdays in July and August  10-3pm.
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                     THE SURF BLURB
                                            March 2012

From John Mazza: Buzzy Kneubuhl passed recently (Feb.22) here is a good article on him:

From Steve Barilotti: Re: Mel Kinney:
"Just a side note on the Mel Kinney post from last week. My friend Mercedes, who is one a handful of women big-wave riders, lives near Kammieland and surfs Sunset on a regular basis. Being small and blond, she struggles at times to get her share of waves out at Sunset. She has good days and shockers, but she keeps paddling out. One day on a shocker she was taking a break outside when she fell in conversation with one of the regulars. He told her not to stress too hard about missing waves or taking the inevitable beating that Sunset doles out. It's all part of the process, he said, and nobody is immune. He helped her with advice on where to position, and gave her a few of the set waves he could have easily had. Instead of focusing on himself, he extended help and advice.  Mercedes got three great waves that day and her friend got the bomb of the day...on his first session since being injured last winter. And then Mel went in. That was the day he died on the beach."

Nice piece on Mel on the Surf News Network:

From Steve Collins: LBCC Member Ed Bowman mentioned to me that in the mid 60's, while on vacation in Spain, he hastily fashioned a surfboard to catch a rare Mediterranean swell. He also let me know that he might have some related photos. 6 months later, he came across the attached pics....

Ed writes;
Steve, I was on the beach at Barcelona Spain. It was 1965. It was 3-4 foot beach break. The board lasted one beach break ride. I did have a photo of the finished board but I can't find it. It was not pretty. The planks were nailed together with a fin sandwiched in between.   The other photos are from 1961. I am on a wave at Little Dume. The other is a beach hut we used at Little Dume.       Ed

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